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Best Spot around RAJAKLANA Resort, Villa And Spa - best resort in jogja

When again Santap Mania tastes rural atmosphere if not now! The Santap Jogja Editor will invite you to slide into a tourist village that many people know as Kampung Wisata Terelok in Jogja: KREBET!.

Krebet is a village located in Sendangsari Village, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency. Located in Bukit Selarong, famous as the hermitage of Prince Diponegoro, Krebet is bordered by Guwosari Village, Triwidadi and Bangunjiwo, near RAJAKLANA Resort, Villa And Spa, the best resort di yogya.

Entrance fee to Krebet is free of charge but if you want to learn crafts and art, there are some packages that can be selected ranging from 25 thousand to 100 thousand depending on the selected package.

To get to Hamlet Krebet, you can pass Jalan Bantul to the South. Can go through Bantul City to the right or through the Madukismo Sugar Factory to the right by down the plank of the Krebet Village Board board that is installed on each road to Krebet. Easy is not ?

If you usually know batik from the media cloth, Krebet citizens are creative with very artistic that is wooden batik. The craft here includes wooden batik, bamboo and wood furniture, sungging tile, wooden tile, and some small scale crafts such as kitchen knives, irus, and woven mats.

In this tourist village you will find a studio where you can practice batik wood more than forty studio. The residents very kindly serve your family to feel the sensation of traveling in the village of this wooden batik.

There are several arts and cultural events that are often displayed in Krebet Tourism Village include: a. Jathilan, an art that unites dances and magical powers. The dancers will be possessed by spirits so they can move to the rhythm of music and eat sharp objects such as razors or glass without pain. b. Karawitan, the highest tasteful musical art in the world. Here, you can learn karawitan directly to the experts. c. Sekat Ali Mocopat, a traditional Javanese song commonly played in the Majapahit and Demak Kingdoms. The art of sings is sung according to the book of the New Mataram period. .

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  1. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
    Jenindra 8 Oct 2017 Reply
    I went to jogja on oct 2017 and first time stayed at Rajaklana Resort. The resort was very clean and well maintained, Very relaxing environment, staff was lovely and friendly, great service and stunning rooms. pool area is very entertaining and beautiful.
    1. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
      Rajaklana Resort, Villa And Spa 10 Oct 2017 Reply
      Thank You, we really appreciate Your visit,.. Romy Wen..
  2. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
    Ivander. J 7 September 2017 Reply
    Great evening @Rajaklana Restaurant. Having dinner with friends , celebrated one of my friend's birthday,It's really worth-ed. we got a special restaurant with a great city view, delicious Prawn and chicken dry chili , various fresh fruit juice, warm and friendly staff .It also has a very unique villa.
  3. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
    Marcy S 18 August 2017 Reply
    Rajaklana Resort access is close to Yogyakarta's famous craft center. The scenery surrounded by forests and mountains is so refreshing and you can enjoy truly beautiful sunset views from here. This is truly a magical paradise, good luck trying this beautiful place..

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